Anime: Kill la Kill Review (episodes 1-9)

kill la kill

Can I tell you guys how terribly obsessed I am with this show right now?!

This show is insane! The first episode had me hooked! I JUST LOVE IT!

Ryuko is a great protagonist. She’s doesn’t whine. She just kicks butt. SHE’S JUST A BADASS. HELL YEAH. Also, she’s much cuter than I expected her to be~
And Mako! Oh, she’s just so hilarious and adorable! And take a look at her family name! (Hint, hint~ It’s MANKANSHOKU! Literally, it means “dressed up” or “decked out.” Exactly why I chose it as my blog name! It’s awesome.)

Since Kill la Kill, at the time this was posted, is currently on episode 9, I’m just going to go ahead and quickly review all of the episodes so far! This time around my episode reviews will be short and pointless… with no pictures *sniffle*. Now that I look at them, you can hardly even call them reviews… Sorry about that. I hope to write longer, more in-depth reviews of individual episodes later on. With lots of screepcaps!

(Be careful! Lots of SPOILERS ahead!)

Episode 1: “If I Only Had Thorns Like A Thistle…”

Throughout this whole episode, I was just thinking how fucking awesome Ryuko was. Her first appearance just looked so cool! She had on totally gangsta clothes (I totally want them.) and carried a mysterious-looking huge metal case. She even had a cool, deep, somewhat masculine sounding voice! (Great job, Ami Koshimizu!) She made me swoon! The first word that comes to mind whenever I see her is just “badass.” Just WOW.

Needless to say, I definitely enjoyed the first episode. It’s like crack.

Episode 2: “So Sexy She Might Pass Out”

Let me just say something right now… For some reason, I like it when my favorite characters get seriously hurt. I’m not sure why! I think it’s because I like the tension and drama that builds up with it. (It makes my heart beat really quickly! Like romance! Hmm…, maybe I’ll do an article on this someday…) Plus, I like seeing them all bandaged up. I think it makes them look super cool. I smiled widely when I saw Ryuko with bandages wrapped all over her body. So cool! Go ahead, slap me!

Episode 3: “Junketsu”

I really like Satsuki. I think she’s really cool. She’s not really evil to me. After all, she’s just trying to ensure order in a destroyed society. I just really, really, REALLY like her. If Mako wasn’t in the show, I would ship Ryuko with Satsuki instead.

Episode 4: “Dawn of a Miserable Morning”

AHAHAHA, THIS EPISODE MADE ME SO HAPPY. Kill la Kill makes me happy. I just love Kill la Kill.

I laughed so hard at some parts. My favorite part is the scene where Ryuko and company are caught in Maiko’s trap and sent back to the start of the course. I had to pause the show after seeing Maiko’s escape because I was laughing so hard. Maiko, you made this episode. Good job.

I love Kill la Kill’s humor. Humor is definitely one of the pillars that hold up this show.

Episode 5: “Trigger”

Let me give you two pieces of information.

One: Mikisugi-sensei is sexy.
Two: Mako grabbed Ryuko’s boobs! So much wind blowing into the sails of this ship!

Actually, let me go ahead and add on a third piece of information: Jakazure is adorable. Her character design is unf.

Episode 6: “Don’t Toy With Me on a Whim”


I think Sanageyama looks way cooler with that eye-mask thing on. His devotion is cray. My respect for him went up a little.

Episode 7: “A Loser I Can’t Hate”

Dude, this episode was actually deep.

I sympathized with Ryuko. She finally found a warm and loving (yes… weird and crazy… but also warm and loving) family after feeling utterly troubled and lonely almost her entire life. She had to make a tough decision: to either quit the Fight Club in order for the happier times with the (poor) Mankanshoku family to carry on or to keep on satisfying the family’s hunger for wealth and power (supposedly keeping them happy) at the cost of her own happiness.

I also sympathized with Mako. She and her family were sick of living in poverty. In order to escape the sad state that they were living in, she jumped at the opportunity for a better life for all of them. Who wouldn’t do that? Of course, it just got way out of hand.

BUT I WISH MAKO KEPT HER UNIFORM THOUGH. Ugh. It was so badass! Goddamn!

Episode 8: “I’ll Wipe My Own Tears”

I really liked the RyukoxMako interaction in the first half of the episode. So cute! AND YOUNG RYUKO IS JUST SO TINY AND ADORABLE~

Gamagoori, you dirty little thing! I  find it interesting that he’s a masochist. How nice!

When he offered Ryuko and Mako a ride in his car when they were stranded on the road, I just found that so sweet. Good job, Gamagoori.

By the way, Mako’s songs are Grammy worthy.

Episode 9: “A Once in a Lifetime Chance”

Gosh, Gamagoori, your outfit would be totally cool if it weren’t for that ball gag in your mouth! Well, I guess it’s not that bad. You like what you like. Carry on.

I think Senketsu’s second transformation looks kind of awkward. But then again, that’s what I thought about his first one too.

…Why exactly do I like this show so much, you ask? I’ll tell you why!

This show is crazy. I like crazy. I like weird.

Colorful story. Colorful Characters. Colorful animation. This show is pretty damn colorful. It’s magical.

Yeah, yeah. A lot of people don’t like this show because of the “excessive” fanservice. Honestly, I don’t mind! I guess I’ve gotten so used to titties and panties constantly being flashed in my face by various anime. It just doesn’t throw me off anymore. And considering that one of the main themes of this show is fashion/clothes, the fanservice, namely the nakedness caused by the transformation of Kamui, actually serves a purpose. (Look at these awesome blog posts for a better understanding: here and here!)

Kill la Kill is awesome guys okay bye.



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